Through Boise…

Molly & Ellie

Begin at Lucky Peak
Travel down Warm Springs Ave. (Warm Springs Historic DistrictOld Idaho Penitentiary & Pioneer Cemetery)
Ave B North
Fort Street to Robbins Rd.
Robbins Rd. to Collins Rd.
N. VA Hospital Loop past the VA Medical Center
5th St. to Hays to 6th St.
6th St. past the Capitol & Old Ada County Courthouse
6th St. past the Basque Block
Front Street to 13th (Linen District – dying area)
13th St. to Hays
Hays to Harrison Blvd.
Harrison Blvd. to Hill Rd.
Hill Rd. to 36th
36th to Veterans Memorial Parkway (Old Soldiers Home at Veterans Memorial Park)
Veterans Memorial Parkway to Chinden
Chinden Blvd to Eagle Road. (booming area)


  1. Eric Schooley says:

    Oooh. I like the map!

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