Army of One and the NW Apocalypse

Five Card Story: Professor takes on the US Guard as an Army of One!

a Five Card Flickr story created by Anna and Stephen

flickr photo by Serenae

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flickr photo by bionicteaching

flickr photo by bionicteaching

HEADLINE: Professor takes on the US Guard as an Army of One!

June 22, 2050 the world was decimated by the nuclear implosion of the Idaho Nuclear Waste site. Society believed the nuclear waste was no longer reactive, they were wrong. As the implosion occurred, Mountain Home, Glenns Ferry, and even the capital of Idaho, Boise, were demolished. The entire Northwest was gone in a matter of seconds, and the lone survivor was a woman with little knowledge of survival, but she would become the army of one!

As the United States Guard traveled into the Northwest to attempt restoration, they did not know that the site was still radioactive. Leslie knew. She was infected and she was on a mission to ensure no one else endured the horrible pain and symptoms. Her mission was to stop the US Guard from entering into the Northwest. She was going to stop the spread of what is now known as the Madsen-Brooks Virus. Fighting for survival in the extremist of conditions, Leslie made her way to the Montana-Wyoming border. There were mobile tanks full of soldiers, blockading all those from entering, but she knew they were entering the wrong area. Here were all the trees faded into nothing she put up a last stand.

Pulling a mini-gun from her shoulder bag, she stayed her ground, proclaiming the areas infection and impending doom. The US Guard did not listen. She began to fire upon the soldiers, but there were too many and over powered her easily. As she lay on the ground, bleeding, she once again screamed the conditions of land, screamed for their safety, knowing the entire time she was about to die….

Error….Error….this is the last transcription known to exist for the survivor of the NW region Leslie Madsen-Brooks. Any relevant information pertaining to this incident would greatly enhance the historical significance of this world wide outbreak…Error….Error

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