Scenic Sunday (Cross) Section

Ryan Regis

April Raine

Eric Schooley

Just like the pioneers, come from the East. (I-84) This will lead you nicely onto the Gowen exit which takes you to Federal Way (on this piece you will be given a panoramic view of the valley you are about to explore, as well as the famous Table Rock) and then Turn on Apple. Apple leads to Park Center (an long-settled and affluent part of town, with lots of historical markers of interest), and then onto Beacon to Broadway (look to your left and you will get to see a part of campus and the BSU stadium) and then left on Idaho which will lead downtown past the Capitol (take note of the neo-classical architecture of the Capitol Building, complete with a Golden statue of Nike atop the dome). After a few more miles, head North on 13th (if you’re quick, and equipped with our interactive app, you may see the area which used to be Boise’s only ethnic enclave, China Town!) towards Hyde Park (an interesting area due to the confluence of new money in older areas, traditionally populated by lower income residents). After a lovely view of the neighborhood and big trees, head west on Hill Road for a quick jaunt through what could be described as semi-urban ranches which used to be much more prevalent in this area. Soon, you will find Hwy 55, take a left to the south, and then right on State, which will lead to a left turn to the South on Eagle Road. Eagle will lead to Chinden Boulevard where you will take a right (west) (here we find an industrial center of the valley, a center which used to be much more active). Soon you will find the City of Caldwell, our trip is over! Good luck getting home without our help!



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