San Francisco Earthquake Tycoon

Game Introudction:
Video from perspective of main character (player) showing life as it probably was two minutes before the quake, viewing San Francisco from a window inside a building overlooking Market Street. At two minutes the quake hits and immediately after the first shock the main character (so far directed by the game, real player is just watching this happen) works his way down to the lobby and exits through large double doors onto the street. Once the doors open gameplay begins and a voice-over story (narrated by Morgan Freeman) explains that you (the player) has just survived the San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 and it is up to you to rebuild the city from the ruins.

The object of the game (goal) is to reconstruct the city in the correct order, trying to prevent obstacles. Obstacles would depend based on which buildings/areas the player choose to construct and in which order the player constructs them. For instance, if the player constructs the market before the police station, looters might destroy the market because there is no police force to control the city. The game would be similar to Sim City, only it would follow a sequential order that is driven by the historical record.

By Courtney, Jon, Carl, Dan.

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