Loot or Shoot

Katie, Nicole, and Corey

A first person game where you choose your life path. Are you a San Francisco Policeman or a optimistic looter? The game starts at 5:12 am when your character wakes up to the end of the world. When the dust settles in your apartment you hear screaming from the neighbors. At this point the gamer has the choice to pick up a uniform from the closet, or to dress in a black outfit choice for moving unobserved.

Policeman: After choosing the police option you have a goal: protect and get to the army. Along the way find fellow policemen and friends to help you keep the looting at a minimum. Save people from burning and collapsing buildings. Occasionally when you save people the game breaks and gives you personal shots. You save someone in Chinatown and you heard a snapshot of their life in 1900s life and how they survived. Eventually you and your friends meet up with the army who fights to head off the fire consuming the city. You help them and eventually the city returns to normal, and you begin to rebuild.

Looter: You’ve chosen the path of risk and riches. You spend as much time as you like simply looting the Sears and Roebuck and aristocratic homes. You avoid a troublesome cop bent on stopping your fun. Avoid burning buildings and have the option of joining and working with other unscrupulous characters. Build a mob like crew of looters, or work on your own. Eventually, your looter realizes there is a large opportunity waiting for you in the US Mint. The game slowly pushes you towards the Mint. Hide and dodge policement and soldiers trying to capture you. In the end you either end up with a literal pile of gold or behind bars for the rest of your life.

Historical inserts: throughout the game, either as a cop or a looter, history is available. The gamer has the option to learn about people around him/her or locations. What was the Piggly Wiggly in the 1900s? How did a Model T work? What happened to China Town before and after the earthquake. While the gamer can go through the game learning nothing, the option to learn as you game is there.

Place is the important factor here. While you can take as long as you want to accomplish your goal, you’re slowly (or quickly) moving towards a location and your ultimate goal.

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