HannaLore and Lucas: Epic Flickr Story

Five Card Story: What an epic date!

a Five Card Flickr story created by HL and LS

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Jane was beyond excited to go out with Bill. She knew that he had planned an unforgettable afternoon. What she didn’t know was that her life was hanging in the balance.

Bill decided to take Jane to the carnival where they only rode the creepy looking carousel. As the ride began to spin, their landscape changed around them. By the time they got off of the carousel, they were in a different realm altogether. The only familiar scenery was the historic movie theater. However, the movie theater looked like it was in its heyday, airing seemingly new movies they knew to be decades old.

In an attempt to find out where they had traveled to, they decided to enter the only familiar site, the historic movie theater. The image they saw on the screen only served to give them further questions about what had happened. They saw tourists running around town square wearing wetsuits and flippers on land! As they are questioning their surroundings, the theater starts to spin and they immediately run out of the theater.

After literally spinning out of the theater, they find that they are being chased by terrifying, monstrous shadows with gigantic weapons. They run for their lives, dashing through the forest where she could have sworn their houses used to be. Jane feels as if they have been running for miles when Bill trips over a tree branch and stumbles into her. She feels the hard smack of the forest ground and shrieks frantically as the shadowed figures come upon them. Just as the shadowed figure lifts his weapon, she wakes up from her nightmare.

She wakes to find Bill sleeping soundly on the picnic blanket in the park, it was a bad dream, but what a date!

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