Earthquake Extravaganza

After the main character is awoken by the earthquake, he realizes danger is afoot and he must traverse across town to rescue his family who is on holiday with their grandma.  Along the way, the character must deal with aftershocks, army patrols, and looters! All the while, he must deal with mother nature’s fury.  Check points along the way not only save the player’s progress, but also create a realistic sense of urgency.  The best part of the game, is that the checkpoints and obstacles are based upon real life data procured from newspaper articles detailing the events in 1906 San Fransisco.  If certain tasks are competed, certain family member’s life sources decrease.  Likewise, if specific items are procured, life members’ life sources will increase.  The entire point of the game is to reach his family members with the necessary foodstuffs and supplies before his family’s life sources deplete to potentially fatal levels.

Both time and place play an important role in this game.  Time is integral to the movement of the character, he is trying to get as far as possible before the next aftershock or military corps is found.  Place is also important in that the character must get from one side of town to the other in order to rescue his family.  Because of the historical and geographic nature of this game, time and place are truly linked; without time or place, the essence of the game would be lost.

Adam, Bahnu, Lucas, HannaLore

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