Augmented Reality, part I (October 8)


Aurasma Lite at the Boise Zoo:


Questions for discussion

1. What are the varieties of augmented reality?  How does AR differ from virtual reality?

2. In your estimation, what counts as AR and what doesn’t?  Provide an example of one project (historical or otherwise) that you consider great AR, and one that is called AR but doesn’t quite fit your definition of it.

3. Find three examples of what appear to be exemplary implementations of AR in the cultural heritage space.  Why do you find them so strong?  What do they have in common?  What are the advantages and liabilities of AR for historical interpretation?

4. What aspects of the Boise landscape are most ripe for AR interpretation, and why?

5. Explore one type of technology you might use to create a small AR project or tour for Boise.  Figure out the steps necessary to complete a project.