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  1. Ryan Regis says:

    I would like to do my topic on the Idaho State Peace Officers’ Memorial.

  2. Eric Schooley says:

    I am going to study the changes in the landscape of a newer subdivision in south Boise (Lake Hazel & Five Mile area). For the last century and a half, this area was a cattle ranch, it is now a Hubble Homes subdivision. Since the family that owned the larger ranch is still occupying the original ranch home, along with a small herd of cattle, I plan to name the page after their ranch (not sure what is was called yet) and enlist their help in describing the old landscape and the changes it’s seen.

  3. danielfoote says:

    Stairs to no where and hitching posts around Warm Springs area

  4. I am going to wiki music venues around Boise.

  5. Courtney G. says:

    I am going to research and write a factual account of the “Murder House” at Linden and Leadville in SE Boise. The legends detailing the events that occured there are plentiful and mostly fictional, so I would like Bosieans to have a factual story on BoiseWiki to refer to when inquiring about this house in the future.

  6. Dan Foote says:

    I will be featuring the concrete stairs that go to nothing and the hitching posts that can be found around the Warm Springs area.

  7. Anna Lopez says:

    I am interested in conducting research on the Mexican Consulate.

  8. Charles Winslow says:

    So far I’m leaning towards writing a Wiki on Flying Pie Pizzeria

  9. Bahnu Naimi says:

    I will be researching the history and significance of Castle Rock.

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