Boise Music Scene Reflection

Boise is an up and coming contributor to the music scene in the Northwest. Local shows of emerging artists take place weekly, and it is not commonly known. Large artists have began touring the city, and Treefort Music Festival has influenced this. Treefort was strategically scheduled to take place in March due to the large amount of touring by artists worldwide. March is the month of South by Southwest, In Austin Texas. South by Southwest is one of the most popular underground music festivals in the world. Boise is becoming a hub for traveling musicians, between their location and Austin. This time period allotted Boise to book shows that wouldn’t travel through otherwise. The city of Boise is developing a passion for the arts, so the music scene seemed like a perfect topic to write about on the Boise Wiki. I chose to write about the newly formed annual Treefort Music Festival that began in March 2012. Technically, writing the wiki was not a challenge. However, I did struggle embedding a photo correctly. The Boise wiki website is easy to navigate and very simple. I like the simplicity of adding to the Boise Wiki. I think that it will provide easier access to individuals that would be interested in adding to the wiki.
I did struggle for information on my subject. The Treefort Music Festival is a newly formed festival, with the second year taking place in March of 2013. Information was not plentiful because of the newness of the festival. It was also a struggle because the festival is more of an underground music scene movement, rather than a heavily broadcasted festival like the Boise Music Festival. However, I was able to find enough information on Treefort Music Festival through the direct websites, and a contributor, Drew Lorona. I also found more information about the supporters of Treefort through the Duck Club website.
I think writing very large pieces of collaborative history for Boise is amazing. This website could become a hub for travelers, musicians, and other people interested in Boise. I am very interested in the arts of Boise, and I think the Boise wiki is something that would only benefit the artistic scene that is currently growing in the area. Boise is growing rapidly, and because of that growth, many different projects are also developing. The importance of collaborations such as Treefort Music Festival and the Trey McIntyre project can be easily seen and promoted through a website that has a historical collaboration, such as the Boise wiki. This type of information is crucial for a city that is developing rapidly, and it will help attract and create business for many people. It also helps people understand the history of their society. The Basque, for example, is something widely known about Boise, but it is not simply put. The Boise wiki allows people to see broad information on this culture rapidly. It also allows for other information to be researched beyond one category.
A disadvantage to a wiki article is that is always evolving and strong bias can be seen, but I think that adds to the flavor of the website. There is an unofficial checks and balances because articles can always be altered, so bias’s cannot be too overbearing, or they will be changed. Overall, I think this sort of project is a win win. It promotes local business, arts, movements, and the understanding of Boise’s very own history. I hope as this wiki grows, people continue to contribute. I hope as the wiki grows, and Treefort Music Festival continues through the second year, more people will contribute to such a fun local display of the arts. I will continue to write more as more information becomes available for the Treefort Music Festival.

Pictures for wiki, Adam Frickey and Caitlin Shannahan

  Civil war map at the Library of Congress


Local boise artist FunGi_  found on flickr displays local boise flavor through the spray mediumCopyright restictions