JFK Reloaded, Adam Frickey

JFK Reloaded


JFK reloaded is a first person shooter in which the player attempts to assassinate JFK .

The creators of JFK reloaded released this realistic shooter on the 41st  Anniversary of the JFK assassination amid a storm of understandable backlash. The creators however claim that the game was not intended to be offensive but instead created the eerie simulation in an attempt to educate the public and debunk assassination conspiracies surrounding that fateful day. In order to accomplish their educational agenda the game places you, the shooter, in the exact location where Oswald stood and challenges you to re-create his three shots. The closer you get to replicating those three shots the higher score out of 1000 you receive. In theory the game presents an interesting and controversial concept, and presents it in a user friendly way, it allows the general public to investigate a very divided topic and generate their own opinions.

For the most part the majority of the games I discovered online were historically based but didn’t seem to really try and impart any knowledge on the players. The majority just had small tidbits of historical fact (tank names, places, time frames for example) but for the most part they were intended to entertain as opposed to educate.