Aftermath: San Francisco

The proposed game would allow the player to select a character in order to experience the earthquake and subsequent fire as they would have at the time. The player can select an actual person from the earthquake or they can choose to play as a composite character. Due to building standards, density and rescue attempts, the earthquake was experienced differently by the wealthier residents of San Francisco than by the residents of Chinatown, for example.  If the player chooses an actual person, there will be elements that connect their actual experiences to the gameplay.  Composite characters will have randomized experiences based on survivor accounts.

In terms of both space and time, the game will begin shortly before the earthquake so that the player will be able to orient themselves somewhat with their surroundings before the devastation hits. After the earthquake, the goal of the gameplay will be to stay safe in the changing city and eventually, begin to rebuild San Francisco. There will be an interactive or online element that will allow players to connect with friends in order to create a community.

Ultimately, the space element of the game is more important than time as the goal is to reestablish San Francisco which can take a relatively short time or much longer depending on the length and frequency of gameplay as well as how many people participate.

Additional elements will integrate photos, film clips and news accounts of the period.

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